Our love of animals and their love for us

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Koney the German Shepherd passed with assisted help just after the birth of baby Maxwell.

Koney and her mate Karma had been a major part of Janae's life for 12 years.

I suggested to Janae that we have a 'look at Koney's energy' to make sure all was in place for her and that she was in the Light of the Animal Kingdom and in full in herself.

Koney's energy came in very quickly and she was very clear and present. Koney shared that she wanted to stay with Karma and be part of the whole family ........... until baby Maxwell would be three months old!

Karma's energy then came in to be with her here and after Janae had accepted this, Karma collected Koney's energy and went home to be with Janae and Maxwell and rest of the family!

It was so beautiful. Janae became very aware of the supportive, nurturing, loving and protective energy that German Shepherds love with as part of who they are.

The room with mother and baby was immediately filled with this living energy. The house energy was quickly reset and flowed with such beautiful Love. 

There was nothing else!
Just Love

Thank you Janae for allowing me to be part of that.