PAIN - the one thing that no one wants!

on ground in pain

PAIN and it's hold in the body.

This is one of the most challenging areas to work with as 'everything' is related - the physical, emotional and mental. I will start slowly here to give a deeper understanding. This is a long Blog - maybe best read in small parts!

PAIN always shows when something is broken or torn apart. PAIN can affect you at all levels and not just from the physical.  It may affect the mental ie resistance and helplessness, emotional ie uncontrolled crying, depression, and, dis-abling and/or reshaping a person's body.

PAIN causing situations often set up negative attitudes which are difficult to identify the cause, transform the mental/emotional and then release from the physical. Your body in it's 'wisdom' is very clever in setting up  a remembered pain/body trauma/remembered pain/ body memory pattern(s) (habit). People then practise this  until the pain itself takes over.

PAIN shows a lack energy - energy needs to be flowing like a river! When energy comes up against a blockage it can add pressure to the area, or take a detour around the affected area. Energy pushes and pushes, trying to get through. That can cause pain- a example of this is arthritis. The energy and its build up in any area is called pain and then given a label. Energy is a creative a force! 

pain hold on bodyPAIN  stores itself in areas where it can be overlooked for a time e.g. on your back. When a family member has had a problem you may have 'held them up' and carried them on your back. This type of energy always carries weight and 'energy creates energy, creates energy'. Not a good look plus the associated pain can become quite unbearable!

PAIN  is your body telling you that something is not right. The problem with this is that sometimes the body is relating a mental or emotional pain which cannot be found by a test. However - your body is intelligent - it is telling you to pay attention and do something about it before it becomes fully physical. Your body is a great warning system! Use it!

PAIN cannot be removed - it must be released. The etheric body levels and layers around you may show you where you have stored pain in the  past. Please note most 'new energy' children do not  have an etheric body. The etheric body was part of the energy body past to help us (older generations) work through lessons and hold pain. Let it go!

PAIN may also show in people who have gone through cancer/operations/body part removal/alteration etc. Every year at the same time, your body will show memory of the past trauma(s). This happens until all aspects of that time past are released by both the body and the mind. It also means your body is talking to you! Yeah! Keep encouraging your body to do this. Accept it all as it was and LET GO! 

PAIN shows where there is no energy - there is no Light! and, as you know the body will draw its own energy to that one place showing a need for healing/correction physical. Your body is trying to change the situation within. This is often where people 'take' various forms of pain management to kill the pain! Does this mean healing? For some, that means you are not yet familiar with your own body and do not know where to start looking for the cause and resultant discomfort or pain. Where there is no pain - there is flow. There is Light and most of all there is energy - your beautiful energy!

The example below shows us a time when trauma had interrupted the energy flow and the body had not restarted due to the shunt of the energy out and away from the physical body.  It helps us realise that there are various ways where a person in the family lines who has died can support the person with trauma until the situation is corrected! We are amazing! Please do not forget that!

An example
A young lady (age 20yrs) came in saying that she had never really felt 'herself' being really present, wasn't able to build her talents and gifts easily and seemed to be constantly having to re-start everything. She often had head pain and no one could find anything 'wrong'. Immediately we were back at 5 years old - at a time when she had fallen off her bicycle and hit her head. This young woman had not held her own energy from that time forward due to the resultant shock. However, her grandfather's energy had 'come in' and kept her going from that point forward until we started working. At that point he stepped back (energetically) and we reset the body/head energy and brought this young lady's energy forward in growth and expansion up to her present age (at that time). Her own energy harmonised and started flowing again.  The change was simple and very clear. 

A short while later she rang saying how excited she was for her life. Her parents had burst into tears when she went home after that session and welcomed her back (into herself). Her creativity flowed, her energy flowed, her knowing was back, her relationship had blossomed into a marriage and now has two children of her own. At these times I feel so blessed to have being part of bringing Light  and flow back into a person's life. 

It is always easier to 'see' where you have held PAIN in the body than it is to remove it!. That is because Pain needs to be released by you and to do that you have the biggest part to play. This is because your body has owned the PAIN. To work with the physical pain means clearing your past of mental and emotional blockages - usually of past stories of family and family lines, of situations, accidents etc and then moving you forward in time releasing 'old' pain. 

Another example is where James from the Pepper family blogs wore his grandfather's energy until we could release James from the birth trauma and bring him forward in his own energy.

Understanding pain in it's various forms has been a focus for me for a loonnnggg time. I also knew twenty years ago that if I breathed downwards I could clear all mind focus on pain and fall asleep. Gradually as the body released the pain I could moved forward. Gratitude took the place of pain - a great exchange!

bright light bulb

PAIN will show where the body has been physically dis-placed /mis-shapened the body finds it very difficult/impossible to securely hold the correct energy in the correct form and correct place. There is no Light getting into and through the body to bring healing - body trauma may still be holding vivid mental /emotional pain the mind/body has set up a 'new' way of physical self management. You do not/cannot hold a knowing of your 'own true energy' - you have hidden the physical reality(truth) of a situation/time past but are unable to 'cover-it-up) in the present.

Pain release work may take several sessions to correct the flow of energy through your body. You may like to choose one area to work with and then follow that way to release pain from other areas for yourself.

Would you like to share your story to support others who has lived with pain? I would love some testimonials from people who have had great outcomes from our work together to clear pain and it's cause(s).

A point to remember here - Some people have spent 30 - 50 years building up pain in their body ....and want it cleared in one or two sessions! This is a possibility - the answer is within you and how you have set this up. That, we can find and release.