Shifts of Energy/Removing Trauma/Opening to Love - how do these work together?

hands offering flower

Last week was a huge week with huge shifts of energy - openings and gifts.

The past week opened with many of you showing the completion of time as it has been lived  - created and/or lived with energies (emotional/mental). It has been exciting to see you close of the 'doorways' which has enabled freedom of a different kind - freedom from lessons and learning. Freedom to live and be not only what we have become - more about who we truly are.

hearts in skyThat allowed a sense of Love which in turn raised questions about Love. 

"Is the heart really part of Love?"

"What is Love?" 'Is the heart a symbol for the feeling of we call Love?'

'Is Love a concept to interpret feeling/s?'

Why do people attach so much to the heart (physical)?  

The second shift started on Wednesday morning - the opportunity to remove trauma memory. 

This work was an amazing flow showing the life line and how it held trauma memory, and how some people have managed to live above it. It also showed how others have been so caught up in it that there has been a continuous and persistent 'hiding' of that trauma energy to allow people  to live managing/controlling their life.

young old hands

I worked with how/where the past was still being held 'locked within self' and showing physical dis-comfort and in several situations  - pain.

I enjoyed seeing the outcomes and a greater sense of clarity for each person.

Then Friday afternoon! Mach 15!  It was then that Christchurch people and visitors were affected by an atrocity of the worst kind. 50 people killed by a gunman attacking people in our mosque(s) at the time of prayer.

The city was put into lockdown - we pulled off the road as multiple police vehicles, armed defenders squads screamed through. We knew it was big.... so we kept going - home!  All the time - a simple mantra -Pure Source. Pure Love. Pure Light. News channels then took over and the rest is know worldwide.

standing with worldIt has been a weekend of holding still and making sure the energies of the city were constantly uplifted to allow the Love of people across the world to move in and help us regather and begin to stand tall once again. There are still families still not able to connect with their loved ones, and so many injured. So much bloodshed.

There has been so much strength and support shown to so many. And, it is ongoing.

I looked back over the week and saw that how the openings/gifts were there for to fulfil the needs that arose...fully in place as purpose. I am so thankful for so much......

1) the doorways in time past and OLD closing allowing for more ease and readiness in all aspects of life

2) the removing of trauma memory created in this life time to allow more ease and more clarity, and then,

3) being part a trauma situation affecting the whole country - losing the lives of so many and how that was and is affecting the whole city.

I remembered from the aftermath of the earthquakes how the Light Beings worked energetically for us to help us keep a balance, how the trees removed grief from the city and those affected, and how we were supported by family and those around us. I remembered how so many stood up to help physically with food, accommodation, and a million other ways.

Being able to shift /change energy has allowed me to work from my own home, my own heart, using ways known of how to assist - even when I  am not in 'it' . Acceptance of the reality as it is. Harmony within self. Gratitude to stay balanced......and then work!

Know that YOU can do this at any time. Hone YOUR skills. Know who YOU are.

Make sure there is no trauma holding you ransom - putting your life 'on hold'. 

Keep growing and expanding - it is all part of who we are.

The gift of a new day is one that rarely reflects!
However, it is one of the greatest gifts ever. 
                              (thank you Michael)

Thank you also to those who have sent us Love and support to help us through this time. ♥ ♥ ♥

In Light  With Love