Ride You Own Wave - Relationships

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Such a great opportunity! Own it!

And that is how it feels when we have more recognition of who we are and living it! All of it! We are a part of everything!

We often forget that you are in charge of you! How many times do we react/respond to someone else's words and directions. How many of your relationships are affected by this? 

Honour the simple truth of who you are. Take charge of yourself in all your relationships. 

I have included three examples where we/you may have handed over the ownership of who we/you are to someone else!

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One example was seeing the male partner pamper, acknowledge the feminine beauty, spend huge time, said all of the things the young lady wanted to hear...... then he stretched that setup by being absent for a while and the female went into doubt and panic!  "What went wrong?"   THEN become ready to run and be better, and nicer etc etc  NO! NO! 'She' did nothing wrong. 

When that type of person beguiles and coaches you to how they want you to be - you start to give yourself away and try to ride their wave with them. You lose yourself. You become the identity they want you to be. That is not a balanced relationship!

You as your own person is the most valuable you ever. You do not need to sacrifice yourself for anyone. Recognise the pattern(s) (hopefully past!) and thank them for showing you who they are.

And ...."Ride your own wave!"

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Look at yourself! Have become the identity called 'work'. Does the importance of your work/business overtake who you are and 'it' leaves you tagging along, being there for the energy of what you have created. You start to look like your work. Gradually you will find the weight of 'it' is too much to manage, and, although you haven't reached your peak, you are overwhelmed by the weight of what you have created (what a long heavy sentence). Then, you 'think' you cannot do 'it' any more. That is not true.... offload the weight and be your own Simple Truth and keep moving forward

That relationship needs a 'makeover'!  You have forgotten to "Ride your own wave".

happy family

Families (at times) can show huge imbalance(s) where one person (usually a parent) takes on the responsibility of keeping the household balanced and 'at peace'. On My Gosh! How much is sacrificed trying to do that?! I often see one parent carrying everyone and everyone wanting something from that parent to do for them! Views the situations of exams, sports performances, drama/ tantrum, etc etc etc and they want to have success and success. 

This is often where the parent becomes the stress, the weight, the expectations, the demands and tries to offload the responsibilities of the young ones and tries to do the work themselves. This is not a healthy example of a parent for you, or, for your children!

They need to see you being real and giving back to them what is theirs. They need your love and support - you do not want them copying you wearing the stress. They want to be taught how to balance these energies. They want to ...... 

"Ride their own wave"!

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Each wave will tell its own story and we need it to be real. When each wave is real we can see where we fit and how we can be a fuller part of it all. Simple Truth!

When you "Ride your own wave" we can honour you, admire you and your strengths. You will be confident as there is no need to hide - and we want you to be your truth so we can be our own truth too. When we all do of that in our relationships - self, partners, work and family - we will see and receive the respect we know we deserve. We will be lighter and easier to be around. No one will need to shape themselves according to what you want, or, for you to change to be what they want.

Let go all of the identities, personas, personalities and faces you have created in the past and allow yourself to be you. 

"Ride your own wave" and watch what happens around you.

In Light

With Love