Special Notice and Thanks

christmas candle

Festive Season December 24 - January 03

I would like all clients to know that I am available throughout the Festive Season for ABSENT SESSION(S)  only.

This allows you to email me and let me know the 'situation(s) and issue(s)' and I will take it from there. 

I will invoice you for the time taken. The fee will be from $70.00NZ to $150.00NZ. Hopefully all $70.00!

This work is open to those who are already clients. New clients to please book full sessions (not absent) after this time.

Thank you!

Thank you to you all for your requests over the past year. I appreciate that you have valued the work we do together and that it makes a difference.

The 'work' was more than what showed at the surface! Each session took you deeper into the inner being and the Light and showed us what had blocked you from living the fullness of who you are.

We focussed on the clearing of the old lines of Grandmothers and Grandfathers back through time. All unfinished business was still there. We cleared the causes and origins of illnesses and diseases. With that we saw the repetitive nature of trauma and the hold it held over us showing as remembered pain, body memory, body trauma and body pain. 

Clearing and offloading the subconscious and unconscious bodies allowed a sense of peace and calm. We noticed that the negative was just practised patterns from the ways we lived in a world with war and disease. We continued to move forward into building a wholeness and harmony in the physical and conscious bodies. 

The flow of Light and Love became more tangible - not just a simplistic and great idea. It is our reality - no matter what is happening around us. 

The openness of who we are allows us to use higher frequencies and vibrations, allowing the mind to harness what we need as we open into 2022.

The world does not look the same....neither do we!

Our future energy is with us right now! It is all around us. We breathe it in and  open to the opportunities that are around us.

2022 is about creating! 

It is about you and how you create each day. 

I have worked with people all my life and energy work for 20 years. I have never seen such joy and ease. We are lucky - we have the new little ones to look after and guide as they learn about this physical world. 

How will you shape your world and their world?

With Love and Light