pain hold on body

First question: Are you CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of being present in your physical body?

Second question: Are you present in YOUR own physical body only?

Third question: Are you FULLY present in your own physical body?

supporting hands

Being consciously aware of being present in your physical body is a great talent especially for those of you who find it difficult - it is an important skill to learn.  We all need to be aware of where and who we are. It is something no one can take for granted.

If you are 'not present', then what energy (and from whom?) is in you, taking hold in you - your body/around your body/over your body? AND how does that make you feel? What discomfort does your body show you trying to get you to understand?

Remember as a child - not wanting to go to school because your tummy hurt? If only your parents knew that you had been sitting in class all day picking up all the 'energies of discomfort', probably from the children in the room and the situations in the playground. The only way to tell your parents was to say that you didn't want to do this any more. "My tummy hurts"! Happily it is a gift knowing that you can clear your children of the energy 'not their own'. And, when the time is right, to help them learn how to clear themselves. You and they will use that gift so often. 

Clearing happens before healing. 

Clearing is about making sure you are in your own energy, that your physical body is healthy and you are aware of your body's sense of well-being. Also, know that when the clearing is done then the healing can and will take place. 

Your physical body 'bows' carrying the weight of others. The weight of others can put pressure on your whole body, especially your back and joints. The continued pressure, especially around the shoulders, hips and knees results in contortion of your energy causing extension on one side of the body and compaction on the other. The weight builds up over time, affecting the flexibility of our joints and spine e.g. the knees turn inwards. Use your skills of removing and lifting energy to remain clear, balanced and to be you, that means free of weight, pain and stress on your joints. 

You can  'clear / transcend / remove ' weight and the energy of others. It is reassuring to know that you can look after your own energy. It is reassuring to know that you can take care of your self. 

Clearing is important for all of us and even more important is staying present in our own body - our own energy.

When you are present you can make clear(er) conscious choices - when you are not present other energies will interfere with your choices.

When you are present your mind supports your memory recall - when you are not present you may not remember as clearly or quickly as you want.

children playingYou will feel full when you are present. You will know who you are.

Make sure you know a variety of ways to bring yourself to the present. Enjoy your life in and from that place. Clearing away the OLD allows you to stay present with much more ease and allows you to know more about who you really are. 

Be clear.

Be present.

Be your amazing self.