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Do you live the strength of who you are? Do you use all the aspects/facets that you have grown, learned and developed for yourself? 

Being 100% present means you have all aspects of your self present. A simple statement .... however in real life you may often hide and/or 'put outside self' the parts or ages of self that still hold emotional and mental negative pain, blame and/or shame. 

For a moment consider a tree - it is always present, totally accepting of everything as it is, well connected to the earth, allowing growth and expansion, giving and receiving without limit. Now view yourself! Do you hold all of those identity points?

Now we visit the mind. The tree does not use mind. It just is.

healthy treeThe human mind, your mind, is a dictionary of the past, a collection of experiences some valuable and some not so valuable. This is why people keep going back to the past! Humans look to find a base or memory to justify thinking and unconsciously use the same or similar pattern to move forward.

This way of living uses the mind first and often forgets to bring the heart into the equation. The energy of the heart first, then incorporating the mind as you open to expand, allows you to create a whole new experience, and in that, consciously create a totally different and lighter energy.

Your life will flow when you are present and full in your own energy. You will have more expansive ease and calm on which to base your experiences. You will be a truer you and recognise your beauty both in and out side of your self. 

balanceBeing present means you have all parts of your self present! Your acceptance brings balance and harmony.  The 'old' will little or no hold over you. You would be aware of your strength, your confidence, your comedian self, your artist, using your wisdom and of course your own voice for your own words. Bring them all into the present and be a 'fuller' you.

Then check to see what have you got pushed outside yourself?  These are usually the 'mental/emotional paining' parts based on experiences felt as negative still affecting you. They will always be there until you bring peace to them and bring those parts back into yourself. These are  find-able and fix-able. Learn how to do this and know the difference.

When you are fully present and know yourself you can create in a different way. You do not need to leave your body. You can to consider the future without fear or doubt. You can choose to respond and love it.

Staying present helps keep your body healthy.

Learn more ways to stay present and clear yourself of any energy that is not you or yours.

Live your Heart full and open. Open to a much more expansive mind, feel the calm in your body and be aware of your Soul. Accept all of you and have the harmony resonating in you every day. 

Who would that person look like?

That is the beautiful you.

And you are special.