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You use all use energy all the time..... hopefully your own energy. We also use different levels of energy.  Sometimes you use subconscious energy (the influences of our family and grandparents). Sometimes you use unconscious energy (our reactions and responses to situations, people and events). Hopefully the majority of your day will be spent using conscious energy and making conscious choices. When you are doing this you will be creating your world, using your talents and gifts and having amazing outcomes and a greater impact on all around you.

field of sunflowersBy being present you will hold you own energy and being present with more acceptance and therefore harmony within your self will de-stress your world!

Acceptance being that you accept the physical reality as it do not have to like it!  Learn this until you do not need it any more. It will become it in every breath.

The most uncomfortable energies are those mental and emotional energies that are set up by allowing ourselves to be compromised by the views, actions and thoughts of others. This is when you step out of being you and align with the truth that is not yours. This is when those energies you take in, or allow in, become the interferences and entities that upset you and your energy.

And  "Why?" you ask? Who would even want to be mental and emotional ..... in any situation on any day? Mostly -  we become mental or emotional when we do not get what we want.

I do not know anyone who willingly chooses to live an emotional and mental life! Look at your self to make sure that you are 'real' and be more aware of how you are living your life. If you find you are living in the negative -  STOP! Make a commitment to find out how to 'let go' and move on. Your purpose is to have fun and enjoy your life.

children playing soccerHow much of your day is spent really alive?  Do you  break your energy into many parts.....20% for one task, 20% for another, 30% for something else, 25% for work and then oops! What about you? Oh yes, 5% left for you! Not enough! 

How about using 100% of your energy at any one moment with one focus only? Then shift your focus 100% to the next task, etc etc. You will always succeed and with clarity when you take yourself 100% with you and in whatever you do. 

When you are light headed you may be in the future. Check your stance sitting and standing.... you may be leaning forwards.

When you are heavy headed you may be in the past. Check your stance - you may be leaning backwards with your upper body. 

Ask about these in your next session. 

How much is spent in the negative? How much is spent in the positive and how much is spent balanced and in ease? 

Staying present means that you are more able to create what you want in your life!

knotted red heartYou can make conscious choices using your knowing, your logic and mind for reasons other than solving problems. Be creative! Become heart-centred,  open-minded, have a healthy body.

Be aware of your great flow of energy and know who you are!