Surround yourself with your Light!

flowers colour burst

Your Light is who you are! My Light is who I am! 

How well do you live your Light? 

My words just want to burst into song and harmonise with all the energy around. (I can see you smiling!) It is exciting and it is real. Energy is real. How you vibrate is your wellness and your balance. Do you recognise the energy you live? It is not about showing it at all. It is about living it all day and everyday. Live open and in flow. 

bird song

How many of you used to block and 'protect' against other energies in case they are negative. Other energies may be bruised or abused or even abusing. In The past that was enough to have you shut down and shrink back into a small centre of Light. Protected but shrunk! Now when you shrink yourself there is so much of your body that would be  exposed! And that means ready as a holding space for other energies! Not yours! I call that 'vacant possession'! Any energy can come on in and on....and you wear it. That is never comfortable.

What would it be like to enjoy living your own Light and have no space for anyone else to slide on in and use your beautiful energy. That would be a perfect world. 

In my old self, I had developed habits of shutting down when I went to the supermarket, the library, the airport - anywhere there were lots of people. It did not take me long to 'get loaded' and then take the next step to leave my body to get away from it all and lose control of what I needed to be doing! This type of shutting down was and is a disaster. The time it took/takes to clean means time when I could have been out there having fun. Yes! Some people are slow learners... I do not do that now. 

flower open to lightKnow your self and be yourself regardless of what is going on around you. That doesn't mean you are putting your self out there, making a noise, or getting attention. This is about living in a conscious way with every thing you do. It is not about hiding either! It is all about being kind to yourself, loving yourself and know how you are making your choices and decisions and then living them.

It has been interesting recognising that when we get to make our own decisions the energy flows. 'It' knows what to do. When we are living by other people's choices we are living consequences of their choices and cannot take charge or change what is happening! This has been so clear -  make a choice and the energy flows. when we live other people's choices we will be reacting not living (and probably with a bit of the OLD pain/blame/shame thrown in!

We are quite ready to live the consequences of our own choices. We have the freedom to change 'things' as we move along. Yeah!

There is no such thing as blame when we live this is our choice. Why would we judge ourself? When we are conscious of what we are wanting or doing, we are happy to act. We learn, we build, we shine, we adjust, we enjoy.

pathwayThis way of living is the opportunity to be ourself, to use our own ideas and to succeed. We don't need to jump off the cliff and see what happens! We know...this is the time to be all of who we are and take that next step. That means success. Success means that we are ready to take the next step and are open to the next one and the next one. There may be adjustments. That is the reality. It is all about you and your talents and gifts and how you are prepared to use them.

When you are Light you are conscious and always have help. People who live the Light actually ask for help! I know! I ask for help every day with everything I do. I ask to open and bring all that I need to gift you, channel all of  the energy you need to be a healthier, more balanced, stronger and a more joy filled and loving you. More of you - I love that!

Points I love about everyday - 

  • I have help! I ask for help!
  • I know that all I am is enough for all I do!
  • I know beautiful people who support me and my life and I do the same for them!
  • I make conscious choices and move forward!
  • I can make changes and grow!

and I could write another 20 points....have a look at your acceptance....what does that include for you?

I would love to know some of your points for your EVERYDAY YOU

If it includes washing dishes - then do it with your mojo AND LOVE IT!

Make your choices and LOVE BEING YOU IN YOUR LIGHT!

It works.