The Evolution of human kind with Light - Part 2

children piggy back

We are evolving!

And, how would we do this? How can that become our everyday existence? Look to the children's energy! See how they are managing in their health and well being.

The energy patterns of those being born is changing again. They look very different with their energy holding strength, wellness, health and awareness, wisdom and grace. The movement in these patterns is at a different frequency and rhythm. 

The generations from 1990 on however, have shown to be quite different - even uncomfortable. The changes in and, for those Light Beings born from the start of this century are considerable. These generations do not like anything or anyone who lives from emotional or mental energies. These negative energies affect them hugely. They cannot 'stomach' those energies and will show digestive issues which have no physical base. They have head issues (not accepting who they truly are) which affects their confidence and true awareness. These are the children.who do not know how to live in this physical world ....easily.  That is our responsibility. We have to teach them how to do that!

Again we have the opportunity to learn from the younger ones - they teach us how we can raise our vibrations and frequencies. In understanding them we learn more about their capabilities, their talents and gifts...... even though they are different to ours. Their mind is far more expansive and we are missing out on understanding this.

baby red heart pjsConsider a new born - they are the delight of Pure Love and Pure Light..... until they learn what we show them, what we teach them, and then because we have not changed to be like them...... they will 'give in' and take on and continue the family patterns, the ways of education and society itself etc. 

The old energy patterns/spheres/frameworks were bound in a centre that was 'soul bound'. This showed the soul as the energy to gather and present all unfinished business OLD through time and beyond. We have had to clean up our trails and complete all of the business bound in the negative.

That meant that most of my work has been about clearing! You shine when this happens. Yes, there may be healing work along the way. However - you are Light!

This has meant that many of you are now living from a Pure Love Core. You may need reminded that this is your own core. No one else has a right to connect there. Each of us has all of who we are there. Then it is up to each of you to make your own choices every day and live the Light you create. When we open the core we open 360 degrees. This Pure Light and Pure Love feeds every cell in your body. It feeds your heart. 

Gradually your whole life is centred around the core of who you are. Beautiful!

The little ones do this. They are our teachers to do this. We are lucky - we have had the experiences of living in a lesson-based world and are graduating through this.

relieved womanOur glands are clear of all the body memory, body pain and remembered pain. Each gland stands in it own light. The purposes of the glands is changing. They are not the holders of memory OLD. They have a new purpose to feed the systems of the body and help us hold the strength of who we are. We are opening to all of who we are!

That is the exciting part through these next few weeks and months.

Live the Light of who you are

Be the Love that you breathe

You are Light

Part Three is about living and opening.