The OLD to the NEW!

clock showing time

In the past 'Time' was utilised like a channel. We could move forward, to try to get ahead of what  was  negative and uncomfortable energies. and all the old life lessons left unfinished and unlearned.

The work 'through the past' has been to clear the OLD, to prevent the ongoing openings through the family lines that were holding all negative situations / trauma / diseases /  illness. We have all felt  this and accepted that there was nothing we could do about that. Physical illness and conditions informed us of what was not 'right' in the body. This gave us immediate opportunities to clear and heal what needed to changed or, and, use the medical ways to help and support. 

The past twenty years has shown the changes that have happened and are happening through the children. They have evolved through from the OLD linear style frameworks, through the spherical wholeness, to a fullness that is almost 'complete'.  The glands and glandular system has continued to change (for the better) to support their health and well being.

girl walking tree lined road

My work now includes teaching these young ones (and their parents)  about who they are, and, how to manage their own sensitivities while the rest of the world catches up! These young ones have shown us how the heavy mental and emotional energies created impact in our physical selves - bodies and head.

These heavy and negative energies that often affected us, 'fractures' the whole energy of the new children - the sensitive ones.  This leaves them reactive and sometimes lost to their own truth and happiness. A classroom can be  a disaster area of a mis-match of energies OLD and NEW leaving these children broken and not understanding what is 'wrong' with them.

In the past we 'walked forward' in Time. We projected the future and we held it in multiple ways under our feet and activated it as we stepped forward. We planned for the possibilities. We re-viewed the past and changed or built on that for the future. 

happy jumping

These young ones do not have energy patterns or frameworks that allow them to that. Their way is to expand the present and see that it opens to the future. They can wrap that around them and know that all is in place, or, what they can do to create change with that.

I call a lot of these young ones 'champions' They do not have an ego mind. They just live the truth and live everything in the moment. They are present and do the best they can.

Show these children that our ways do not need to be based in confrontation and power. Show them that you understand who they are and what they need to learn to be able to manage to live freely in this divided world. Allow them to show you who they are.

older woman walking with children trees

I thank the young ones for teaching me. They show me my way forward - I am here to learn and to teach. I do this best when I am present, being all I can be based in Love and Light. 

Once you live as your whole self, your own truth, your own knowing,  knowledge and the wisdom you have grown - you can choose what you want to do. You need all -  the body head/mind and brain to do the work to achieve what you have set out to create and do. Where is the need for mental emotion in all of that?

How can we build relationships that are not based in that?

A lot of young ones do this already. They bring around them what they need to learn and absorb it in to themselves to create that experience as knowing. They open the energy to study and focus using that information to create and achieve. 

mother holding daughter

When I work with these young ones they often say to me..."I know that!" They smile in recognition of who they really are. Their confidence opens and being called 'weird' or other names loses the impact of someone else view. 

Time does not limit these young ones either - they have the capacity to see beyond Time (as it was) and create in the NEW.

Time then becomes a choice. Choices create magic!


In Light

With Love