The Pepper Family

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I would like to introduce you to the Pepper family. This amazing young family has given me permission (vetted of course) to write about their growth and changes  and publish these for you to read over a series of weeks. The family will also have their written input as to the outcomes they find and how that affects their lives.

The Mother of this family is Jayne (early 30s), Father - Pete (early 30s) and three children. James (aged 5), Penny (aged 3) and Lily (aged 2).

Our meeting came from a referral from a practitioner who knew of the frustrations that this family was feeling due to several situations and conditions of the mother and  also the children. The mother and children are energy sensitive and have that deep unspoken knowing but did/do not understand in the physical world what that might mean for them. Food allergies, eczema, stressful behaviours and reactions to people and many other things. Plus discomfort and not know how to deal with it and so went to the outer world to get the information. 

Our first meeting was huge! Most things I spoke about that I had found  in herself and the children were the overwhelming situations they were trying to deal with. It was amazing to find that when I spoke Jayne felt as though she know that. She was immediately aware that what I was saying resonated as truth deep in her being. We were conversing and relating easily from day one . The changes started right from that time.

This made me very aware that even though the young mothers/families understand, they have so much pressure from the outer world that that Inner Knowing gets hidden and then they get lost. Part of the work would be to get the inner knowing to the surface and use that as a guide to what the outer world offers and check that that is for the True and Highest Good of the children e.g Physical Practitioners/Doctors.

sparklerA little titbit - The first request to me was question as to why her 5yr old son James had never shown happiness since he was born.  WOW - that was huge and also what every parent wants for their child. I went to work always guided by the Light Beings of the Highest order I can channel..... yes this is the the first Post!

The very next day and for the following three days both Jayne and Pete saw a child they never knew they had. James was happy. He was different and even he knew that he was happy. He was easier with himself, easier to play with and then........ he went to spend a day  with his grandparents and came back grumpy and tired. And out came a feeling of ("well that didn't work for long!". James had picked up his grandparents and parents energies/ challenges and like every child does  - he copied! That is how we built our world as children and how the children today build their 'world energy dictionary'! He became depressed and uneasy with himself, had difficulty sleeping and the eczema became raw again. 

We have continued for four weeks making changes and adjustments each time we work. This has been to teach simple ways of clearing and rebalancing and to start the realisation that everyday the children show us who we are!

Most people understand that life changes everyday, the earth keeps moving and we feel the affects of all changes around us and in the world. However the problem is ........ we have learnt how to live a problem solving lifestyle and never really know what is real and what is the outer world!

"When we bring our Inner Being and Outer Self together in harmony, one supports the other. It is like having our best friend with us all the time. That is the way it is meant to be!" 

There will be so many great instances of this reality. I do hope you get to read about this amazing family and how they manage. Oh yes! and they are also redecorating and .......

You are most welcome to share the newsletter/articles if you find the discussions we have and the work that is done interests you. Yes, they are a real family - I have changed the names. There is no judgement in the work I do. There are findings and awarenesses that you will know are true for you too. AND you don't have to believe anything I do...... you need to know it in your physical reality and make it your truth if it fits!

Our first piece will be published next week!