The Turning Point from the Old - NOW


I love these WOW shifts.

No longer the weight of the OLD or living through the OLD ways.

Yes, the old thinking that created everything centered on how we thought we would need to create the future. The past few months have been like sitting on a see saw and the rise and fall having us uncomfortable at both the top of the swing and the bottom of the swing. Nothing being fully completed.

This week sees us finishing through every core point past and future and settling into the Light that is you. This has showed for some from the starting point of this lifetime ie being loaded with the weight of the unfinished business of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers through time itself. You/We have paid with physical conditions and pain, loss of self in various ways. I always knew this was important, and I see in the freedom the young ones show us.... and their minds are so amazing, their capacity is huge.

We worked to have this happen with ease as we cleared the OLD and the way it was weighing on us.

You/We have worked long and focused to complete this - NOW the time for you to 'play', time to design your own life with Pure Light and Pure Love and open to being supported in your own knowing.

clear view

There will always be cause and affect - you can accept that! No excuses or justification needed -  just the truth of who you are.

Can you accept yourself without a need for negative or positive reactions to express your likes or discontent? It is easy  - no opinions needed! Just the knowing of who you are...AND you can speak for yourself not always using the  words of others to identify you.

So much more time in every day because you are not getting caught up in other people's energy or stories. Your relationships become easier as you clear/let go of the OLD. We have had our time personally, family wise,  country and world wise to open and clear the past. Now we all can own who we truly are..... and live it!

One question given - can those who have been abused in any way do this? Of course, we stop the mind recreating the OLD and take advantage of the NOW. Any pain, blame and shame perpetuated through the past, from the OLD can STOP NOW! No one I know would choose to allow it to overpower self in the NOW. 

the turning point2

Be Light

Live Love