Where is your voice?


You are your voice!

Do you own that you are a Light Being?

I was inspired again to be my truth and speak my truth as I listened to John Farnham singing  "You're the Voice" (first released in 1986. I like the version with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra). 

happy in sunlightPlease listen to it and see how you feel. What is your awareness as you listen to that? 

John Farnham has 'given' this song for the "yes" campaign for the first people of Australia. It re-awakened my need to be all of who I am. I am a Light Being. I am a physical being. I choose to live my truth. I choose to live Love and Light - I do not choose emotional and mental attitudes which when voiced may hurt others.

I challenge you to speak your truth - be the truth of who you are as a Light Being and what that means for you - and your family. If you are a Light Being - your children will be Light Beings. Live the truth of who you are.

We may/will each speak different truths because we have different purposes for being here. We are each guided in different ways to achieve what we have set out to do.

I have lived 'silent' to most people for most of my life! The fear of being judged ruled me. That silence had me living in my head - because "Isn't that what we do?"  Eventually I became ill!.

My first question was "How did I create this?" I went into an 'urgent' operation with the awareness that I would lose both thyroid glands, maybe the voice box - and the breast lumps would be discussed later! I accepted that and went along with the situation. However when woke up after the operation I was talking! I asked the specialist what had happened. His response was "That happens sometimes. Go and live your life."

I never considered it a miracle! I did consider it an opportunity to do things differently - with gratitude.

I decided to research 'energy' and what that is to the physical body.... a long story short and many years later I knew that living from my head was only part of me. And, if I lived by my mind alone - how could I shape my own life? I asked again and again - Who amI? What might I dothat suppoortds me and has benefits for others? 

Am I living as a conscious physical human being?

friends sitting around table

Much living and much learning later.... I am still a sensitive. I know I cannot 'carry' other people and their issues/learning. I know if I have pain that the energy is not mine. I have huge understanding of energy and how people shape their lives. I have worked for decades continuing to grow and expand my awareness and  understanding.  

How I can support others who are struggling and have issues moving forward. (again most issues I have found and still find come under the labels 'Mental' and 'Emotional').

I have done this 'silently'. All my clients have been referred to me by other health care providers. That has been perfect! I could do what was brought to me. That was enough. I could stay hidden.

However I cannot stay in silence any longer - If people only knew that have had two bodies - one, an energy body, and one a physical body. When these work together as one we can create 'the magic' in our life. 'Things' flow. 'Things' do not feel as heavy etc etc

The biggest area of concern I have is for the children. Most of the NEW children are full Light Beings. They are a total delight. They are aware. They have knowing and knowledge. They live comfortably with Love and Light. They struggle being amongst large groups of people. Their energy is fractured by mental and emotional energies - they become unsettled and can become 'lost' to themselves. 

These young ones are more whole than human kind has ever been before!

happy kids

When I speak with these young ones (and their parents) they immediately respond in a knowing of who they are. They start to lighten up and accept that they are amazing. Their first phrase as I explain who they are is "I know that". My heart opens when I hear that.

That often shocks their parents. These young ones know their truth...however often they don't know how to communicate what is happening for them. Teaching parents the questions to ask can often be enough.

To me - the new children need to know there are people who understand who they are, what their energy means to them, and how they can be supported. For me - being here means we are here for the children - to be able to reflect to them who they really are. They do not have to live the life of mental and emotional turmoil.... and we didn't like it anyway!

I work with a number of parents - usually mothers - who have done their own learning about energy and how that shapes us - BUT who are too scared that making their children aware will make them feel different. They don't talk to their partner/husband in case what they say is not accepted and they are judged! 

GUESS WHAT! The children already feel different! HELP them understand who they are and help them express themselves and the brilliance of who they are. Find the pathways that would support them grow as individuals. Teach them how to live in this physical world. They need your guidance.

Parents need to know that these young ones have a huge capacity to learn (differently) and will always show their gifts and talents. They made need help in certain areas - just like us! 

singing in lightYou are a Light Being. Know it.

You are your own truth. Live it!

You are your own voice. Use it.

Do not sit in silence. Do not live with fear.

 Be all of who you are and help your children to be all of who they are.

If any of you would like to write in response to what I have written today - "Please do"! I will be adding a "MY VOICE" section to give you the opportunity to share your voice.  

In Light

With Love