Your energy is your fuel for your life!

power pylons at sunset

I love the advertisement (designed for a power company) that has one phrase it uses for our life and life style. They say..........  "Everything is energy!"  

The truth of that is maybe more real than they know! Everyday your energy is your fuel for your life! 

The elements of air, earth, fire and water are used by our body and mind in all we do - walking, breathing, eating, studying, painting, cooking etc etc etc

woman running by oceanYou draw on different percentages for each and every different task you do. When you are walking/running you harness the energies of earth, fire, and water....and note the longer you walk/run the more water you need to add to keep the body in balance. This keeps our conscious and unconscious levels active and balanced.

You also need Life energy to flow through your body. You need to be aware/conscious that with that consciousness you make your choices that become your world. 

One of the main aspects of my work is to help you understand the amazing-ness of who you are and 'uncover' that so you can choose to live it AND to create your life AND have an amazing input into the world we live in.

It has been been interesting to note in the recent sessions how the energies in the subconscious and unconscious levels have been rising affecting the conscious world....... e.g. stress, overwhelm, losing a sense of direction. 

What happens in the conscious can affect the deeper unconscious which is a 'housing level' for daily issues/discomfort which you clear using understanding, wisdom, reasoning etc etc. A great place for hiding 'things' until you are ready to deal with them. Many people use the conscious as an energy for the workplace and hold the personal for energy in the unconscious level. That is okay until the workplace becomes affected by trauma and/or stress.

The people most affected by the subconscious are the older generations (ages 60 - 90) whose responsibility it has been to complete the 'lessons' of the past generations so the younger generations have the freedom of choice and good health. The subconscious can hold the family lines of illnesses and disease. The increased weight of the conscious and unconscious can stress the body and weaken the immune system setting and then activate 'old' illnesses and diseases.

delighted toddler playing with water hoseHappily, the new babies/children are showing as Light Beings and do not have 'lessons' - the way we have had. They do not have a subconscious!  Their main lesson is to learn how to be self responsible and self manage. This is what we need to teach them. They in return will change the world where we have not been able to do this.

The young ones have a greater capacity of energy than what we do! They do have an unconscious level which holds on to all they cannot manage or understand. However this can become overloaded! When you know - you can help them understand and help them offload the overwhelm and re-balance. This is good for everyone. Sometimes these younger ones live at the unconscious level and because of that will be very sensitive and will tend to have allergies. This will show through their emotional and mental reactions and choices. 

You will also hear and see where this overwhelm becomes or is called  'depression' and are offered medication to manage.  These amazing young ones need to be taught what energy is and how to clear it, offload it and re-balance themselves. 

children piggy backThere are so few who are showing/teaching the young ones how to do understand their energy and manage it for themselves. If the parents don't do the young ones and children understand? This overwhelm is then often taken on by the parents and it gets passed backwards and forwards .....STOP!


Joy and Love is always is hidden under the weight of emotional and mental overwhelm ...... usually in the heart area. 

Our job as adults is to teach these young ones about energy and help them design the life they want and the confidence to do just that! Live the energy and be the energy that you are so you can teach your children and the young ones around you to do the same.