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First question: Are you CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of being present in your physical body? Read More »


My new word 'SELFING' emerged as the shift of the new moon showed. The pressure/weight that came in with that shift caused many people to 'dropout ' of their own... Read More »

The Turning Point from the Old - NOW

I love these WOW shifts. Read More »

Ride You Own Wave - Relationships

Such a great opportunity! Own it! Read More »

Thank you

Each year is a spiral of life - of learning, of being you, of opportunities, of openings and growth and of your Love. Read More »

Simple Truth

This is a photo of the Pohutukawa - New Zealand Christmas Tree, which grows in the North Island. The energy with this tree is so alive and abundant. Read More »

The Pepper Family

When we first started with Ann our family was in a state of high tension/reaction. Read More »

Be The Magician With Your Own Questions

Getting answers from your questions is akin to being a magician - the inner and outer work together - the flow will bring the magical (best) outcome! Read More »

Know who you are - and love it

You have been working toward this shift - marked by the eclipse for so long - now emerging into more supportive Light energy than you have ever had access to and used. 

Here is a 'short' summary of what you have achieved over the past three years. Each of you can now look at who you have become.

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ACCEPTANCE is still the first step

Acceptance is about being able to accept the truth of who you are - the physical reality of what we have lived and become. From that point you can change everything you choose to change - in every present moment. 

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