GREAT NEWS for those who suffer from migraines

Most urgent requests this past week have been from females who have to put up with their energy shutting down due to their monthly cycle. Read More »

Higher Consciousness For All - it is just a choice

I have been aware and have been made aware of the energies of 'beyond' as they have brought us closer to Oneness within our self and within our world. 

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Finishing the OLD - Living in the NOW

It is brilliant to see the shifts you have made over the past few weeks releasing the remnants of the subconscious (old family lines) as they have affected you through this life time! These were known as the 'life lessons' or repeated patterns of the 'OLD' again and again.

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Your energy is your fuel for your life!

I love the advertisement (designed for a power company) that has one phrase it uses for our life and life style. They say.......... "Everything is energy!" Read More »

LOVE - I am Love part two

LOVE is! It is YOU! Read More »

LOVE - what is it? part one

Love is such a weird can be happy or sad! Read More »

Shifts of Energy/Removing Trauma/Opening to Love - how do these work together?

Last week was a huge week with huge shifts of energy - openings and gifts. Read More »

CONGRATULATIONS - a Huge Year - a Joyful Completion

Gratitude to you for sharing 2018 with me. 

Thank you for sharing your Light, your life and your expansion with me. I have loved showing you more ways to appreciate the truth of who you are and watch how that has enhanced your energy, your health and well being.

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Live Your Love

We are travelling a magnificent your life with conscious Love - your Love. Read More »

Evolution in the Energy World

It is interesting that when writing we have a tendency to use our own past collections of knowledge, sequences and behaviours that we have experienced. Read More »

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