Observe your mind - Start making your changes

We knew our clearing wasn't quite finished. In the past we stored a lot of our 'too hard to deal with' situations in the future! Time to unravel those situations... Read More »

Pepper Family - The first two reports from Ann and Jayne

Jayne and James had visited many helpful people over the years. She had changed the whole eating plan for the household, off gluten, sugar, using creams and other applications.......still nothing... Read More »

A Joy-Filled Life

You are a Star!

You have navigated the 'world of self' to emerge as a whole and 'new self', empty of the 'old' heaviness that has been associated with the past century or two.

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The Pepper Family

I would like to introduce you to the Pepper family. This amazing young family has given me permission (vetted of course) to write about their growth and changes and publish... Read More »

New Options for Absent Sessions and Emergency Requests

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What is the new energy and how do you know who you are in the new energy? Read More »

Change to appointment times

There will be an added alternative for appointments and some changes to the preset appointment times. Read More »

Creating using your own Light

Have a look at how/what you have created. Have you been really conscious about what you have asked for / created? How much has you mind had control over you? How have you copied the patterns of your parents/families?

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Live Life Itself

Using life itself as your daily guide allows you to live more of your knowing.
It is very gentle and quite beautiful. 

It has been interesting to realise that for the past 30 years we have built on an awareness of feeling so that we could better understand the body and it’s needs.  This re-balanced a mind driven life in a mind driven world. We then started to use it to gain a deeper understanding of the wholeness of who we could be. 

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Customer Story - Relationships

"We had been working on releasing/ changing our own values, beliefs, principles, ethics, morals etc when the obvious opened so clearly! The next step that needed to be taken was... Read More »

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